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Equipment available includes; 16mm, 35mm, and Digital Video Cameras, SFX, lighting, generators as well as production services including location scouting .

The Canary Islands offer the film producer an impressive variety of locations, from sand-dunes to rain forests and mountain-scapes to sea-scapes. Combined with relatively inexpensive production costs, the proximity to London (4 hours flying time) and year round excellent weather, makes the Canary's an attractive proposition for companies interested in shooting drama and commercials in "exotic" locations.

The crystal clear Atlantic water around Tenerife also provide excellent locations for underwater filming and we can provide full camera and crewing for both film and video productions underwater.

We can arrange 2 man Digi-Beta Camera Crews for television documentaries, commercials etc. and can provide vital local knowledge about filming in the region.


Video production
Location scouting
Filming in DV Cam & Digi-Beta
Full editing service
Two-man Digi-Beta crews for TV documentaries and commercials
Local knowledge about filming in the region
DVD authoring service
Video media conversion & duplication
Professional sound recording facilities
Design & print work
Film credits
Digital still photography
Complete corporate imaging service


DV cam
16mm & 35mm cameras
Lighting & sound equipment
State of the art non-linear editing suite
Professional sound recording facilities

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